RS 24 S / RS 34 S / RS 36 S

Thanks to years of experience and continuous product development, RIMA-SYSTEM stackers set new performance standards in commercial, newspaper, letterpress and gravure printing again and again. Whether a thin four-pager, newspaper in tabloid format or 128-page gravure product, our innovative compensating stackers provide efficient and cost effective solutions. The renowned reliability and minimal maintenance costs make the stackers economically attractive to thousands ofcustomers worldwide. With more than 10,000 sold units, RIMA-SYSTEM has established itself as the most important suppliers of high quality stackers.

Stackers for web presses

RIMA-SYSTEM's proven stackers are your first choice for automatically stacking your products behind commercial, newspaper or gravure presses. Whether behind a 160-page or a 16-page rotation - our stackers convince in every application.

Bindery Stackers

Simple operation, high reliability and unbeatably low maintenance costs make our bindery stackers the standard for bookbinding applications behind saddle stitchers, small perfect binders, inserters and packaging machines.

Product handling

The optimzed infeed with integrated stream aligners, product divert and large squeeze roller ensures that a perfectly conditioned stream runs into the stacker - the basis for solid and stable products

Stacking process
Blocking unit
Perfect stacks and pallets

Perfect stacks, ready for manual or automatic palletizing by our robots.

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