RS 610 Yatay İstifleme Makinesi

As long as in-line processing between folder delivery and bookbindery remains a remote possibility, we have to fill this gap with intermediate product storage. Strapped log pallets are frequently the most effective, economic, space saving and easily accomplished solution for storage. In addition, log stacking is also the first choice when transport between pressroom and bookbindery is required. The pallets transport the strapped logs quickly, easily and without great effort.

Log quality

The RS 610 HS impresses with its outstanding log quality for all types of production - whether delta or DP, heatset or coldset. The RS 610 HS delivers perfect logs for further processing.

Horizontal Log Stacking

The RS 610 HS log stacker is the premier choice in automatic log stacking. Based on proven technology the RS 610 HS distinguishes itself with superior horizontal log building technology. The innovative log separation system simplifies the operation especially with difficult productions and many order changes.

Vertical Log Stacking

Working with a compensating stacker because the budget did not allow to go with thetechnically correct machine? If a log stacker is the best solution for your needs, you can turn to us - the ST 2000 makes log stacking finally affordable for all printers! It is the perfect machine for small to midsize presses

Easy operation

Operation is done completely from one side. Optimum ergonomics thanks to open designed log stacking area and large end-board magazine.

Log separation

Its innovative log separation system facilitates operation, especially in difficult and frequently changing productions. A pre-separator gently opens a gap in the scale flow, so that the finished log can be separated.


After log building, the products can be strapped one or two times. Off-center strapping is also possible. This guarantees maximum safety for all product formats.


Various configurations to adapt to the respective production conditions, as well as the coupling to a log palletizer or palletizing robot ensure integration intoalmost all applications.

Remote maintenance

The log stackers are be integrated into the central remote maintenance system. This allows a 24-hour service by one of our service technicians.

Compact design

The compact, ergonomic design and the flexible configuration possibilities allows this machine to fit in almost every application

Log building process

Undisputed are the ergonomic advantages of the vertical log stacking and its superior handling of flimsy tabloid signatures.

Log quality

Whether very short logs with 400 mm length or 1000 mm long logs for automatic processing, the ST 2000 supplies logs of superior quality.

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