RS 830 / RS 840

Whether in the production of finished or unfinished products, all printing companies value high product quality at low production costs. One machine that has a significant impact on these values is the rotary trimmer. Often, a successful production depends on the clean trimming of the signatures. A bad cut drives up the waste, gives buyers a chance to file complaints, and may cost valuable production time if production is not running at full speed.

RS840 double-stream trimming line
RS 830 trimming line
Product handling
Format adjustment

The formats can be set manually or optionally electrically. Centrally controlled or directly at the machine. Using a job memory, formats that have been set once can be recalled at any time.

Remote Maintenance

Electrically adjustable rotary trimmers can be integrated into the central remote maintenance system. This allows a 24-hour service by one of our service technicians.

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